Better spaces through functional acoustics

Customized acoustic products

Customized acoustic products

Unique and acoustic interior elements

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Acoustic panels and acoustic interior solutions for any space

Soften Oy combines innovative design and a balanced soundscape

Which kinds of soundscapes do you observe when browsing books in a library, walking along the corridors at the university or working in an open plan office? Can you hear noise, a steady stream of sound, or is it very quiet?

Soften Oy is an expert in acoustic interior solutions that aims to increase comfort in different environments – from homes to offices and hotels to public spaces. The main products of our company, established in Turku, Finland in 2007, are Finnish acoustic panels and acoustics products that act as stylish interior elements and soften the soundscape. Our products are available throughout Finland and the world through our resellers and our own project sales organisation. Our products have received the best acoustic classification!

Finnish design from Turku for the world

We design and manufacture new, innovative acoustic product solutions that combine Finnish design and excellent acoustic properties. The design of our acoustic panels, space dividers and other products is always based on high quality, usability and adaptability. Timeless design and an extensive colour selection allow our acoustics products to serve their users regardless of the space they are in.

Our strong product development expertise and flexible, quick manufacturing process allow for highly customer-oriented service that is known all over the world. We can execute interior acoustics solutions tailored for the client’s needs even on a tight schedule or as a complete turnkey package. The solution may be a collection of our current products or a panel model specifically designed and manufactured for the location. See our references for inspiration »

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Have a look at our versatile selection of acoustic panels, space dividers, acoustic lamps, mats and other products and contact us. Let’s plan and build a solution together according to your individual wishes!

Acoustics affect comfort

The soundscape in a space will significantly affect people’s comfort and well-being. Echoing rooms and distracting noises have negative effects on the health of employees, schoolchildren and residents alike. However, acoustic products can be used to improve and manage the acoustics of a space, so they should be taken into account. Read more about acoustics and their effects »