Tailored products

Design your own piece of acoustic art!

We also make customized acoustic products! With our new CNC-operated cutter we can cut polyester felt sheets to any shape.


We can cut felt sheet into any shape or figure! The sheet can be standard colores PET, or the sheet can be upholstered with fabrics.
Shapes can also be perforated with any kind of forms. The acoustic filling can be laminated behind the figure to achieve better acoustic value. All PET-felt sheet-products include Velcro-tapes for easy installing!


Now it is possible to create a installation of block panels of your own size! Mix colors, sizes and different depths. Inside the Block panel there is acoustic filling and the familiar Soften-fastener. In addition to tape-installation you can use screws or nails.

Both PET-felt sheet products and Block panel-products can be made within maximum size 1250 x 3000 mm. The minimum depth of Block panels is 40 m.

Please, do not hesitate to contact and ask a quotation!

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