SOFTEN AIR – floaty, light space dividers

Decorate in style and improve acoustics even in large spaces with our products that have best acoustics rating

Floaty and light like air itself. Or feet firmly on the ground. Pulsing with colour. Or calm and controlled.

Soften Air is an effective, high-quality space divider that is an excellent match for open plan offices, libraries, schools or other business premises or public spaces alike. The acoustic element is easy to install, modify and even transfer if the need for space changes.

The space divider is very effective at damping sound as it is in the highest possible soundproofing class A. Damping noise improves the ergonomics of the space, and the space divider also acts as a visual barrier – in addition to, as the name implies, dividing large spaces. The versatile selection of colours and shapes allows for using the space dividers as individual interior elements that can brighten, calm and modify the space according to your individual wishes.

You decide, we create.


Varying size, built from 550 x 550 mm panels. Element thickness 11 cm.

Varies by size

Panels manufactured from PET felt on both sides of the element, furniture board in the middle
Efficient, absorption class A (EN ISO 11654)

Colour options
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