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Soften Oy is continuously developing new, innovative and high-quality acoustic products that are suited for versatile spaces and needs due to their high level of usability and adaptability. A good example of these is the HUOPALA felt carpet that combines acoustic characteristics with a simple puzzle model. And, if you are looking for a completely unique product designed for your location, read more about our tailored products »


A new, fun carpet puzzle that dampens the sounds of high heels and marching boots alike. You could literally hear a pin drop – if that too wasn’t caught by the soft carpet. The soft, flexible surface makes even standing up a luxury. Everything can be more comfortable, and usually it is only up to the material.

HUOPALA is an easy to use, sound damping carpet solution that is an excellent match for the workplace, day nursery, school, trade fairs, events or even the home. You can assemble the carpet pieces into corridors, paths and patterns and use them as both permanent and temporary carpets. You can also easily cut straight edges on the end pieces with a carpet knife.

Assemble the puzzle to your taste – anywhere you like – and store it away, if necessary.

500 x 500 x 8 mm

50 g

100 % polyester felt (PET), of which at least 90% is recycled material

Colour options
whitedark grey

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