Soften Oy

Room acoustics pioneer from Turku since 2007

Soften Oy was established in Turku in 2007. Since then, we have been pioneers in acoustic interior solutions both in Finland and abroad. Over the years, we have designed and manufactured acoustics products for private and public spaces that take into account both technical characteristics and interior design. Our products have received the best acoustic classification: class A. We offer both tailored solutions compiled from our existing products and bespoke solutions for specific locations.

In addition to our own sales, we have resellers in Finland and abroad. Our project sales can meet all demands, large and small. We have built solutions as far away as Abu Dhabi, and we was also partnering with the Flow festival in 2017. Our locations also include offices for companies and public institutions.

Take a closer look at our operations and products and contact us! Together, we can discuss how we could best serve you.

Soften story

They say that two ancient, nearly extinct elements can still be found in the North: Quiet and Calm. Bit by bit, their natural habitats have been taken over by Hurry and Noise. However, you can still meet old people who remember meeting these two in their own childhood. They have even been present during everyday work and crafts. Quiet and Calm used to live on log walls, rug patterns and curtain folds.

The secret to these ancient elements still exists, however. As you journey deep into the untouched wilderness, Quiet will meet you on the way and invite you to stop for a while. By remaining completely still, with all your senses open, you can also recognise Calm. The feeling is powerful and will make you wish that it would stay. By the way, Wisdom usually follows these two, but it is much more difficult to reach.

These valuable and rare forces can now be reached even in everyday life during all the hurry, communication, concentration, creation and living. However, you need the right Material and Skill. Now, they have been found. And Wisdom has been recorded.

Natural felt that softens the aggressive soundscape. Handmade at Soften. Here in Finland, in the North. Give Quiet and Calm a chance. You will notice the change...