School Keskuskoulu, Loimaa City

Soften as supplier in research project of Loimaa City and Turku University (How acoustics effect on learning in the school).

Location: Loimaa, southwest Finland
Year: 2019
Quantity: 17m2 acoustic products

City of Loimaa and Turku University launched a research project in 2019, where traditional class room in Keskuskoulu School in Loimaa City was transformed to support the new learning method and modern digitalized learning space. This new demo class room is being studied and measured by Turku University. Based on the results a new sample class room will be created to be spread nationally throughout the country.
Soften was chosen to supply the acoustic wall panels to the class room. Panels are tested to achieve the best absorption class A. Big areas of panels were installed to 3 separate walls of the class, and they can be used as information bord also. Cozy colors were chosen by teachers Anna-Reetta Aalto and Janne Rautiainen following the color world in the class room.

The class room is also equipped with Soften Priva-screens that create individual working space when such needed. Soften Priva can be folded open quickly on top of workstation, and when they are not needed, they can be folded out and hanged to wall hooks. Then they act as common sound absorbers. The Priva-screens are very durable and come with multiple colors.

Anna-Reetta said that the noise level has decreased remarkably in the class room and the working environment is now more peaceful and supports consentration to school work. During the first weeks Anna-Reetta noticed that the pupils had learned to discuss normally instead of yelling to each other. There is no more need to raise voice level Peaceful working environment supports peaceful use of voice.